District Elections

Why do we have District Elections?

The California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) of 2001 makes it easier for minority groups in California to prove that their votes are being diluted in “at-large” elections by expanding on the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965.

San Bruno, like hundreds of other cities across the state, opted to make the switch to avoid potential litigation. Switching to districts can increase equitable representation by empowering constituents with shared interests to elect their representatives of choice. 

District elections also makes it easier for new candidates to run for council since they do not have to campaign across the whole city and the campaign costs are also reduced.

What’s different in having district elections?

The major difference is council candidates must live in the district they are going to represent. Voters can only vote for council candidates that live in their district.

Why am I the right candidate for
District 4?

I have lived here for twenty years. I was a San Bruno Public Works Inspector for over ten years. I have been your Councilmember for two terms – seven years. My commitment to doing what is right for our community is well documented. I am accessible to everyone and find ways to resolve problems. I listen and act on your behalf. I have the experience and knowledge to create the needed changes to improve our neighborhoods.