About Me

I first came to San Bruno when BART was expanding to Millbrae. I was an environmental compliance inspector for stormwater, noise, and vibration. I was immediately attracted to San Bruno’s small town charm. Knowing I was going to be working on this project for a couple years I found an apartment in Millbrae and learned more about San Bruno’s community.

As we all know, San Bruno is located in a wonderful place in the Bay Area. We are close to the best of everything. The beach and the coast is over the hill and the airport is minutes away. Our weather is beautifully moderate and the best thing is our City’s incredible diversity!

I was soon extremely fortunate in joining San Bruno as a Public Works Inspector. One of my first inspection projects was the “redesign” of our downtown, which included cutting all of the trees down and placing little new ones in large planter pots. Unfortunately this project was not received very well and has not aged well either.

I enjoyed taking on more responsibility and loved seeing the benefits of public works projects… driving by knowing that I was involved and it was done right. Unfortunately I also learned that our city departments didn’t have the funding to provide all of the services the community wanted.

I purchased my home in the Heart of San Bruno in late 2002. I was truly blessed. I enjoyed my time working to ensure construction projects were built to our city’s standard details. This sometimes would create problems yet it was important to me that contractors perform per their contracts. It was difficult knowing there was so much to do and we didn’t have the staff nor the funds to complete it all.

I grew to admire our city’s diversity through work, meeting residents, and coaching baseball. We have a wonderful mix of cultures which are reflected in our schools, neighborhoods, and our downtown.

I always felt our city could be better. I did my best in my capacity as an Inspector. I started taking Construction Management courses at UC Berkeley to improve my skills and our department. I wasn’t satisfied with the revolving management and the lack of direction so when my son was on the way I started exploring options. I chose to advance my career and joined the Alameda County Water District. I didn’t want to go but it was the right thing to do. I often wonder how different it would be if I was asked to stay.

It was shortly after then that I decided I could make bigger changes by running for the city council. However despite my best efforts, I lost in 2013. I realized I did not have enough connections to the community and accepted our voters’ choice.

I learned a lot about our local politics and I set out to work even harder in 2015. Why couldn’t San Bruno have the nice things that our neighboring cities have? Our residents wanted change and with renewed energy and direction, I walked across our city with volunteers numerous times and we won!

The biggest lesson I learned in that first term was “Counting to three.” Someone could have the best idea however if there wasn’t three votes to support it, it wasn’t going to happen. So I tried my best to work with my colleagues and coming from a family of seven I learned you don’t always get your way.

The re-election campaign in 2019 was a long and difficult despite many advances in keeping our budgets balanced, creating Development Impact Fees, extending Fiber to residential homes, creating a Residential Parking Permit Program, finalizing the Downtown Streetscape Project, designing our new Recreation and Aquatics Center, and supporting our schools with passage of Measure X. I was re-elected and I thank you all for your support and votes!

“New development and revenue are important to our financial sustainability. However it must be mindfully balanced to respectfully minimize its impact to our community.”

For too long we have been waiting for our city to reach our potential and despite an enduring but waning pandemic we are getting there. An unbelievable amount of progress has been made to improve our city. It hasn’t been easy and it has taken longer than we want. I have the proven experience to continue improving San Bruno and I will relentlessly work hard for you. I humbly ask you for your votes to serve you in District 4.