Measure G

Thank you San Bruno Voter’s for passing Measure G. I supported placing this on the ballot and I encouraged everyone willing to listen of its importance as a new revenue stream. Our street maintenance was in need of $6 million per year. Without this revenue source we would fall further behind in maintaining various infrastructure and services we expect in San Bruno. San Bruno’s Measure G is a one-half cent local sales tax that was passed by San Bruno voters in November 2019 to address services that residents have said are important, including:

  • Increasing pothole and other street hazard repair Increasing ongoing street maintenance programs
  • Maintaining neighborhood police patrols
  • Attracting and maintaining local businesses
  • Maintaining city parks and playgrounds
  • Maintaining and repairing park structures for children and youth

A oversight committee reviews and recommends expenditures and this year approximately $6 million is budgeted for the fiscal year. For more information on where this money is being spent please see the following link on the city’s website.

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